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We are India’s esteemed institute to provide advanced teaching methodologies by using the best of internationally acclaimed cosmetic brands and offer the world’s renowned accreditation. imparts training under several sub domains such as beauty therapy, spa and body therapy, hair dressing, professional make up, nail techniques and salon/spa management. We offer more than 54 beauty courses that can also be customized based on student’s needs. 

We are proud to work with the finest faculty from the industry with International tutors and support staff.

We offer the best opportunity to our students to polish their skills in many well-known fashion weeks and beauty pageants, thus, making them the experts of the real world. With participation in more than 167 events, it remains a continued path towards perfection. This has led to show remarkable success

Nestled in a private training facility with warm and positive ambiance, we ensure our student’s skill education to remain highly cherished and memorable. The most relevant knowledge is rendered by our qualified and amicable teaching staff who help our students to have a valuable progress in their creative journey.

Growth of the industry leads to the development of latest technologies, Beauty and Wellness industry is a rapidly growing market. Hence, technical and practical syllabus framed by our International training board ensures quality education with comprehensive understanding of the system. Tranquilizing location with dedicated treatment rooms at our in house salon are fashioned to replicate an actually working environment. This meets the specific needs and requirements of an individual.


Green Studio
 International Beauty Academy

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Diplomaa in Cosmetology

Duration  : 1 to 3 months

Fee :  15k to 40K

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Diploma In Cosmetology

Certificate Cosmetology courses are short-term courses that mainly have a duration of 1 to 3 months. The course includes various topics like hair cutting, skincare, makeup, etc. The certification course is an undergraduate-level course that teaches various industry level skills to the students.


Professional Diploma In Makeup

Duration  : 21 Days Theoretical

                +30 Days Practical

Fees         :  40k 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Pro Diploma in Makeup

Make-up Theory, Different Eye Make-up, Day Make-up, Evening Make-up, Engagement Make-up, Reception Make-up, Bridal Make-up, Groom Make-up, Camouflage Make-up, Ramp Make-up, Illusion Make-up, Portfolio Make-up, Fantasy Makeup, Glossy Make-up, Tan Make-up , Color Theory , Corrective Makeup Theory , Anchor Make-up, Movie Make-up, Glamour Make-up, Royal Bridal Make-up , 1980’s Historical Make-up, Metallic Make-up, Air Brush Make-up, 7 State Traditional Bridal Make-up, Blemished Skin Make-up, Tan Make-up, Yellow Make-up, Glamour Make-up, Page 3 Make-up, High definition Make-up, Airbrush Face & Body Make-up with silicon base, Classical Makeup, Casualty Effect Make-up, 3D Prosthetics & Special Effects Make-up.


Professional  Diploma  in

Hair  Technology

Duration   : 45 Days

Fees         :   41500

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Diploma In Cosmetology

The Professional Diploma in Hair Technology by Our institute is a specialized course combining the essentials of Certificate level course and Advance Certificate Level course to enhance the student's learning experience for a professional outgrowth into the industry. From the basic foundation of hair dressing to innovative study of hair technology, the course is structured to promote uninterrupted learning and mastering of skills for advanced knowledge and career. 

Introduction Professional Ethics Personal Grooming Hair theory & Terminology Blow Dry Hair Cuts Thermal Hair Styling Hair analysis Client Consultation, Basic Hair Color Understanding of Perming Head Massage Henna Application Up-styles Different Techniques Hair Cut New Fashion Up-styles Hair Rebounding Advance Hair Color Hair and Scalp Treatment

Basic Makeup Course

Duration  : 15 Days Theoretical

                +30 Days Practical

Fees         :  21k 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certificate in Makeup

Foundation course in makeup takes you through the fundamentals of makeup skills and provides elementary training in area like facial anatomy, colour application, colour corrections etc. This quick one month makeup course also provides basic training in professional makeup skills and artistry covering day, night, corporate makeup and makeup for special occasions. To become a professional and make your presence felt in the industry, join this 1 month makeup course at Green Studio International Beauty Academy

Facial Anatomy,  Massage, Hair Cutting, 

Contouring Techniques, Colour Corrections

, The Perfect Base, Colour Application,

Personal Grooming,  Makeup Looks

Advance  Makeup Course

Duration  : 15 Days Theoretical

                +30 Days Practical

Fees         :  Rs. 26500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certificate in Makeup

Advanced Makeup Artist course: - You will learn advanced professional techniques including: creating looks for editorial photography, television, film, high fashion, and creative makeup. - One-on-one instructions with our professional Makeup Artist tutors who are directly involved within the industry.

R (1).jpg



Duration  : 05 Days Online / Offline

Fees         :  Rs. 7500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

Create stunning tinted lips, correct discoloured lip colour, learn how to create ombre lip blush, correct dark/purple pigmented lips with stunning results lasting 1-3 years for your clients with this BOOMING semi permanent makeup training

Eyebrow Microblading

Permanent Shape Course

Duration  : 02 Days Online / Offline

Fees         :  Rs. 5000 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification












Duration  : 03-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 5000-16500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

It covers basic tattooing machines and needles and their uses as well as how a tattoo artist handles his or her clients. We will practice tattooing on oranges and bananas because you do not need expensive tattoo kits before you start tattooing. This course will explain professional equipment and machines, and cheap machines.

Safety, starilization, hygiene standards, undertdaning and maintaining equipments, skin types, communicable diseases and prventions are part of the tattoo training syllabus


Duration  : 05-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 7500-18500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

Advanced Tattoo reinforces much of what was learned in our Fundamentals Course with a much wider scope of practice. This 6-week 240-hour curriculum builds your tattoo artist resume with advanced instruction in line-work, shading, and introduction to advanced styles of the tattoo industry. It blends tattooing with sterilization and aseptic techniques, blood-borne pathogens with tattoo shop safety, tattoo inks, and color theory.

Sophia Rosemary Hair Tutorial 9.jpg


Duration  : 03-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 5000-16500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

We designed to give you in-depth knowledge about different hair treatments, hair care products, haircutting, and hairstyling techniques. As a student of hairstyling course at Academy, you will also learn about the latest trends of the field and earn the right skills to become a successful hair stylist. You will get to work with various professional hair care products and industry-oriented equipment as a part of hair courses at Academy. Guidance from industry experts and celebrity hair stylists will make your move more easy and dynamic.



Duration   : 03  Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 5500

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

You will be equipped with the latest nail trends and designs. You will also be given complete training and conceptual understanding of all the techniques and processes in nail art.

  • Nail science

  • Client consultation

  • Cut, file, and polish

  • Nail Art

  • Gel Polish

  • Gel Extension with Nail Art

  • Acrylic nail extension with nail art



Duration  : 03-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 6500-19500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

  • Lines / Curves

  • Layout & Elements

  • Line Shading

  • Start & Ending Technique

  • Check Designs, Grids

  • Net Pattern

  • Filler Elements

  • Broader Designs

  • Basement Designs

  • Leaves Designs

  • Flowers Designs

  • Paisley Designs, Simple Designs

  • Difference between Mehandi Styles

  • Mandala Designs

  • Symmentric Designs

  • Bracelet & Floral



Duration  : 03-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 6500-19500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

  • Basic Figure design

  • With Varmala Bride and Groom

  • Sindoor Rasam Bride and Groom

  • Sath Ferra Bride and Groom

  • Full Girl with Flower

  • Lord Ganesha

  • Couple Figures

  • Engagement Figure

  • Western Figure

  • Baby Shower Figure

  • Bridal Doli Design

  • Bridal Barat Design

  • Bridal Vidai Rasam Design

  • Back Hand Bridal Mehndi design

  • Leg Mehndi design

  • Elephant Designs

R (2).jpg


Duration  : 15-30 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 15-25000 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

You will be equipped with latest trends of manicure and pedicure along with learning the fundamentals of hand and feet hygiene and nail care.

As a student of manicure and pedicure in our Academy, you will be trained in :-

  • Cut, file, and polish

  • French manicure and pedicure

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Hand masques

  • Feet masques



Duration  : 10-15 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 12500-16500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

We have designed our online facial courses for each and every individual no matter where you live around the world. Contrary to the common misconception that facials are only for the women who have come of age, for  women  regardless of their age, frequent facials are absolutely mandatory. True, even if one’s bathroom is already inundated with beauty and skincare products—peels, masks, scrubs, face washes etc.—that claim to (some even can) give the skin a serious deep clean, but while it’s great to practice good skin care.

  • Facial high frequency courses

  • Facial galvanic courses



Duration  : 15-45 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 17500-35000 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

We offer popular microdermabrasion courses and dermaplaning courses along with our microcurrent and high frequency courses. Course durations and prices vary, browse our full list of facial courses below for more information.

By choosing to train with us you will train in an authentic environment with our qualified trainers which will enable you to deliver all these treatments to your clients. All the equipment and products you will need during these facial courses will be provided for you throughout.

  • Dermaplaning courses

  • Complete skincare and facial treatment courses stage 1 & 2

  • Microdermabrasion courses

  • Micro-current treatment courses


Skin Treatment Course

Duration   : 30 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 31500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

You can join foundation or advanced course in beauty therapy at our Academy if you want to become a professional skin consultant, skin care expert or a beauty therapist. If you are already a professional, then simply upgrade your skills and learn new things from the expert faculty at

Green Studio Academy.

  • Skin science

  • Skin structure

  • Skin function

  • Skin types and concerns

  • Skin preparation

  • Skin pathology

  • Basics of skin

  • Cosmetic Chemistry


Skin Treatment Course

 Basic + Advance

Duration   :  60 Days 

Fees         :  Rs. 48500 

Eligibility : 10th or 12th pass 

Full-Form : Certification

Advanced course in beauty therapy is a six months course that trains you in specific skill sets, which are pre-requisites to succeed as a professional beauty therapist. With this course, you will gain all the skills required to succeed as an Aesthetician in the beauty industry. Being an advanced course, it gives a deeper understanding of advanced skin treatments and helps students become an expert professional.

  • Skin science

  • Skin structure

  • Skin function

  • Skin types and concerns

  • Skin preparation

  • Skin pathology

  • Basics of skin

  • History and Physiology of skin

  • Skin disorders and diseases

  • Cosmetic chemistry

  • Advanced skin treatments

  • Use of advanced techniques with machines

  • Advanced facials

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